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Voting for this cycle

was UP 21%



FEBRUARY  15,  2024


57% International

43% Domestic (USA)


#35 - Divinity Trio/

"Child Like Faith"

#36 - Heaven Bound Trio/

"I'm On My Journey"

#37 - Tribute Quartet/

"He Pilots My Ship"

#38 - Ernie Haase & Signature Sound"We Are The Church"

#40 - The Williamsons/

"You Made The Mountain"

Simply Southern Gospel_TOP 40 Chart


The Allens

"Worship The King"


FEBRUARY 15, 2024


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Jordan Family Band

"In God's Time"

Mark Dubbeld Family

"Soldier On"

The Mylon Hayes Family

"Carry The Glorious Gospel"

The Kramers

"Let Me Be The Well"

CHART DETAILS - 02/15/24


The Allens/

"Worship The King" - #1


Jordan Family Band/

"In God's Time" - #2


The Allens/

"Worship The King" - #1


The Kramers/

"Let Me Be The Well" - #5


Master's Voice/

"Love Remembers" - #21

#40 to #26 / (+14pts)


Divinity Trio/

"Child Like Faith" - #35

Who's Bubbling

Under The Top 40

Anthem Edition/"He Bought Me

Don Stiles/"Jesus Hand"

Greater Vision/"Cherish That Name"

The Hinson Family/

"Sundays Never End"

Kriste Nicole/"Tell Me Why"

Mark Bishop/

"I Found Something Better"

Scotty Inman/"My God"

TaRanda Greene/

"Like Jesus Can"

Todd Tilghman/"PB&J"

Zane & Donna King/

"Front Porch Sittin"


FEBRUARY 15, 2024


It’s Mid-February & we hope everyone’s staying safe & warm! – So, we have a new #1 song, and the “Great Chart Log Jam” that formed at the top of the Simply Southern Gospel Charts has finally broken loose.  We Congratulate The Allens/”Worship The King” for becoming the new #1 song on Simply Southern Gospel Top 40. We all were beginning to wonder after spending 6 weeks at @ #2, if “Worship The King” would ever see the #1 spot. The Jordan Family Band’sIn God’s Time” held #1 like a vice for that same 6-week span. The Mylon Hayes Family also sat at #3 for that same period waiting for the break. Everything at the top of our chart essentially came to a standstill. But that’s behind us now… well… unless The Jordan Family Band resurges… “In God’s Time” is a great song… it could easily happen!!?? Maybe???!!! 😊    In the meantime, we’ve had more movement in the Top Five as The Mark Dubbeld Family/”Soldier On” snuck up from behind and grabbed the #3 spot this cycle. The Kramers also jumped five spots and snatched the #5 slot up with their song “Let Me Be The Well”.

We've had some other notable movements in the Top 40, Master’s Voice/”Love Remembers” was our ‘Top Mover’ this cycle taking a +14-point leap from #40 to #26.  Other major movers this cycle include The Wisecarvers/”Grace” up +13 points to #23, and Voice Of Truth Quartet/”That’s What He Said” up +13 points to #25. The Divinity Trio/”Child Like Faith” at (#35) was our “Top New Entry” this charting cycle. Other new Chart Entries included: Heaven Bound Trio/”I’m On My Journey” at (#36), Tribute Quartet/”He Pilots My Ship” at (#37), Ernie Haase & Signature Sound/”We Are The Church” at (#38), and  The Williamsons/”You Made The Mountain at (#40).

NOTE: Wanted to clear up a song submission process. All submitted songs go through a listening panel process (this does take time), and unfortunately not all songs make it to broadcast. We will notify you if you are chosen & scheduled for broadcast. We have certain criteria why we would choose not to broadcast a specific song. That doesn’t mean we won’t consider your future submissions. Speaking of Music Submissions, all we ask is to follow the directions on our website. One more thing, we can’t consider your material if we don’t have it to consider – please make sure we’re on your label’s distribution list and/or yours for new releases. Thank You.

Check out our Chart Detailer page for more chart breakdowns. -  Now on to the Top 40/Top Five breakdown for February 15, 2024. -  Until next time - Peace & Love – Simply Southern Gospel / BGM Life Network


#1  The Allens/”Worship The King

CONGRATULATIONS to The Allens/”Worship The King for taking over the #1 spot this cycle.  After 6 Weeks (3 cycles) at #2, The Allens finally were able to break through to the top spot. Our International audience really rallied for The Allens this cycle, as again they claimed the Top International Votes along with the Top Total Votes. 57% of the total collected votes this cycle were from our international listeners, so this vote was an integral part of the final lineup. Kieren Polanchek of Oneida, NY USA wrote: “got a copy of The Allens Cd “Kingdom Come”, in  my opinion it’s one of the best CD’s I own.”Mary Stanworth from London, Great Britain said: “there’s something regal about the Allens music, it just lifts me up and makes my heart swell”Trina C. of College Park GA USA wrote: “super talented, extremely kind and on fire for Jesus, great song” - Simply Southern Gospel fully agrees!  - Remember, The Allens have a brand-new CD out entitled “Kingdom Come”.  You can get a copy & discover more about The Allens ministry by visiting their website: 


#2  Jordan Family Band/”In God’s Time    -   6 Weeks @ #1

Even though The Jordan Family Band/”In God’s Time” was nudged to the #2 spot this cycle, we still want to offer our Congratulations again for such an incredible accomplishment for holding on for 6 weeks @ #1. The votes for “In God’s Time” were still quite strong this cycle as they not only held on to the Top Domestic Votes (USA), but they have also spent 16 weeks in the Top 40. In fact, we thought The Jordan Family Band would hold onto the #1 spot up to the final computer tabulation, but we will say it was close. The impact of “In God’s Time” continues working its magic as Brenda Leighton of Strafford, IL USA shared: “It’s always good to be reminded that ‘God’s time’ is always perfect, this song was a big reminder for me” – Wake up calls seemed to be topic folks wanted to write about this cycle, Will Makowski  of La Crosse, WI USA said: “great message in uncertain times, God knows what he’s doing”  -  Simply Southern Gospel believes that God chose The Jordan Family Band to deliver this message because they are willing and up to the task to do it with the skill & grace, as we all have grown to love & appreciate from them - For more about the Jordan Family Band, visit:


#3  The Mark Dubbeld Family/”Soldier On

Moving up one notch to #3 this cycle,  The Mark Dubbeld Family/"Soldier On" has carved an impressive path up the chart. The journey of “Soldier On” here at Simply Southern Gospel has been a lesson in patience & perseverance. The Mark Dubbeld Family/”Soldier On” entered our Top 40 way back on November 15, 2023 at #38 (yes, November). By the December 1, 2023 Chart cycle “Soldier On” became the ‘Top Mover’ by moving +14 points up to the #24 spot. On the December 15, 2023 chart the song took another modest step, moving up to the #19 position. The New Year’s Chart, January 1, 2024 saw “Soldier On” gain another +7 points moving to #12. They then put five more spots under their belt on the January 15, 2024 Chart by moving to #7. Then “Soldier On” did just that, they soldiered on until suddenly on the February 1, 2024 chart tabulations, the voting for “Soldier On” had nearly doubled, and they entered the Top Five in the #5 position. It was like God opened up everyone’s ears and folks actually heard this amazing song. The Mark Dubbeld Family’s  momentum continues on full speed ahead evidenced by today’s Chart, and is now an obvious testament to what God can do. Erin Colms of North Platte, NE USA said it best: “encouraging, uplifting, empowering, moving and beautiful” – We couldn’t have said it better ourselves,  Soldier on friends, soldier on / SSG - Learn more about The Mark Dubbeld Family and visit their website:


#4  The Mylon Hayes Family/”Carry The Glorious Gospel

The Mylon Hayes Family/“Carry The Glorious Gospel slides down a spot to #4 this cycle as the entire Top Five rearranges on the Simply Southern Gospel Top 40 Chart. “Carry The Glorious Gospel” has been a very strong and steady contender since it broke into our Chart back on November 1, 2023 at #34. The song was instantly popular as it became the “Top Mover” on the November 15, 2023 chart by shooting +19 points to #15. The December 1, 2023 charts saw the song move to the #12 slot. Taking an impressive +8-point jump all the way to the #4 position on the December 15, 2023 Chart, it looked quite promising. January 1, 2024 saw the Mylon Hayes Family move into the #3 spot, and so began the “Great Chart Log Jam” of 2024. “Carry The Glorious Gospel” remained at #3 on the charts thru January 15 & February 1st (6 weeks in all) until today’s February 15, 2024 Chart where they moved down one point. That one point might sound a little frustrating, but it attests to the power of the song, that it is still holding on strong at the top even at 14 weeks on the charts. The votes at the top have been excruciatingly close. This song deserves your support, “Votes Count” so please take a moment and vote. Help The Mylon Hayes Family continue to “Carry The Glorious Gospel” back up the charts and out to the world! Visit: 


#5   The Kramers/”Let Me Be The Well

Taking the #5 position this cycle are The Kramers with their new single Let Me Be the Well.  This song moved quite swiftly up the charts unimpeded in 4 easy steps. It almost looked nearly effortless, the song is so good that it at least appeared that way, but it was a lot of hard work.  The Kramers also claimed the “Top Commented” spot this cycle. The Kramers entered the Top 40 Chart on January 1, 2024 at #40, looking like a long climb up the mountain. On the January 15th 2024 cycle “Let Me Be The Well” claimed that cycles “Top Mover” by jumping an impressive +17 points to #23. Then “just like that” on February 1st, 2024 they made another big +13-point surge into the #10 spot. The current cycle has The Kramers now enjoying the Top Five in the #5 position. As we said, “a nearly effortless rise to the Top Five for The Kramers”. This didn’t really surprise us though, because The Kramers are a class act,  with the right song they are nearly untouchable. We think “Let Me Be The Well” is the right song, at the right moment.  At least Dawn Whittaker of Lake City FL USA thinks so, she wrote: “This song says what I pray, to be so wrapped in God’s word that someone can benefit from what He does for, and through me, that is the ultimate blessing”Thom McCracken of Columbia SC USA said: When people look at me I hope they see Jesus in me” and Ellie Bringhurst of Virginia Beach, VA USA shared: Love the Kramers, and “Let Me Be The Well” is one of their best songs” – Simply Southern Gospel believes the immediate road ahead is still looking real good for The Kramers!" -  Find out more about The Kramers by visiting their website: www.The   



*Top Votes Total:  The Allens/”Worship The King” - #1

*Top Domestic Votes (USA): Jordan Family Band/”In God’s Time" - #2

*Top International Votes: The Allens/”Worship The King” - #1

*Top Commented: The Kramers/”Let Me Be The Well" - #5

*Top Mover: Master’s Voice/”Love Remembers” - #26 -  Moved #40 to #26 / (+14 points)

*Top New Entry: Divinity Trio/”Child Like Faith” - #35

*Voter Break Down:  57% International | 43% Domestic (USA)


*Voter Trend: Voting for this Cycle was UP 21% from previous cycle.


Congratulations & Thanks to all the Artists & Thanks to all our Listeners who took the time to Vote & Comment!

Next TOP 40 CHART/ MARCH 1, 2024


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