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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

#1 - The Steeles/"Braggin' On Jesus"

Congratulations to The Steeles/"Braggin' On Jesus" holds the #1 spot for another 2 weeks this cycle on Simply Southern Gospel's Top 30. Earning the Top Total Votes & Top Domestic Votes (USA) this cycle, "Braggin' On Jesus" is from The Steeles new CD "Be The Reason". The song is an encouraging message to share your testimony with everyone. Your testimony brings hope and faith to those that are struggling, that they too can be lifted out of their situations. Donna Starke wrote in from Muncie Indiana USA to say: it's always my turn to brag about Jesus, I never hold back what He has done for me, great song!" - The Steeles have done it once again! 

#2 - TrueSong/"Army Of Love"

TrueSong/"Army Of Love" moved up one point to #2 this cycle, garnering the Top International Votes. "Army Of Love" has made a huge impression on the Southern Gospel audience and beyond crossing into many genres of music. This song is a 'call to arms' to all Christians to pick up the Word of God and take the Gospel to the world.  In a time of so much negativity, through the power of Christ, we can overcome. So reach out to the lost - gather up the troops, and join the ARMY OF LOVE! This world could definitely use some saving! 

#3 - Westward Road/"Forgiven"

Coming in at #3 this cycle is Westward Road/"Forgiven" - This song has touched a lot of hurting folks. We all have something that we've sought God's forgiveness for. The beautiful thing is that God is waiting for you lay it at His feet, even though you've already been forgiven as a child of God. Tamara Peer of Saint John, NB, Canada shared this: "I'd like to say I heard the song "Forgiven" by accident, but it was no accident. God set it all up. I'd been struggling, feeling very unworthy, I gave it all to Jesus and He lifted my burden! I felt so free, so forgiven! Thank you Westward Road and God's Music Today for you're part in His grace".    Amen GMT

#4 - Sunday Drive/"Shine Down On Me"

Sunday Drive/"Shine Down On Me" moves to the #4 position this cycle. It appears Sunday Drive has a lot of fans, in lots of places! We found out when those fans started sending in their votes - They were all very cordial, and amazingly they all read the voting directions! (imagine that? lol) Sunday Drive received an impressive number of votes & comments in regards to "Shine Down On Me" - but a lot of them seemed to add something in the comments about "how nice they are" or "they're such happy people" - All we can figure is that Sunday Drive lives what the sing, and it's obvious God shines down through them.    

#5 - Greater Vision/"Think About There"

Coming in at #5 is Greater Vision/"Think About There". What a great  song with such a excellent piece of advice for all. "Think About There" is the ultimate escape from what this world has to offer. Greater Vision has become one of the most successful and respected artists in the industry, and they deliver "Think About There" with the excitement, skill and full authority of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we feel the struggles of this life, the answer is to look up and "Think About There" - We guarantee you'll smile, and feel much better! 


#12 - Karen Peck & New River/"Dance"

#22 - Scotty Inman/"Anywhere Jesus Is"

#24 - Crabb Family/"Sister, Play

The Tambourine"

#28 - Mark Bishop/"I Met Someone On The Way To The Cemetery"

#29 - Todd Tilghman/"Still To Come"


53% International

46% Domestic (USA)

1% Other


Voting for this cycle was UP 17% from previous Cycle

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The Steeles/"Braggin' On Jesus"


The Steeles/"Braggin' On Jesus"


TrueSong/"Army Of Love"


Mercy's Won/"In The Sweet Forever"


Jeff & Sheri Easter/"One Name"

#24 to #7


Karen Peck & New River/"Dance" - #12

Who's Bubbling

Under The Top 30

Avenue/"It Takes Jesus"


Clint Brown & Sonya Isaacs Yearly/

"When I Get Where I'm Going"


Daniel Ball/"Stranger In The Pew"

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound/

"Until We Fly Away"

Lauren Tally/"Say Yes I Am"


Small Town Sunday/

"That's What I Love About Sunday

Rhett Walker/

"Man On The Middle Cross"

Rosalie Hovencamp/

"Alleluia Always"

The Hoppers/

"Thank You Jesus For The Blood"

The Wisecarvers/"Like This"

Voice Of Truth Quartet/

"Coming Out Of This Storm

* "TOP 30 Chart  are compiled from voting , and then posted the 1st & the 15th of each month - All Votes must be in in 4 days to the current cycle, late Votes will carry over to the next cycle. Check the Voting Rules  details on the Vote Page


"and you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free" John 8:32

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